Uh Uh:: Orlando Pirates FC Head Coach Jose Riveiro Is Fired Due To…

Orlando Pirates FC Head Coach Jose Riveiro Is Fired

Orlando City Head Coach Jose Riveiro


“[It was] a very level game. I thought we found two teams that had options. Both could have won it, at the beginning or scoring at the end of the game.

Throughout the game we had our options, too. It seems we had a sensation that we could have walked off the field with three points. But I recognize it was a tight game for both teams. The effort from the players was extraordinary and they keep adapting to new things. I’m good with the performance of the team, I’m good. I think we’re going in a good direction; I think we’re turning things around. We played against a good team who has good momentum, but today we could have walked off with three points.”

“I have a sensation that I could have got him in a little earlier. He has something that he has shown in games, and it is that his resolution is very good. In that moment, Facundo [Torres] was okay. I thought we had a play where if Nico Lodeiro gave it to him, it would have been his goal. Good positive game and the kids are growing. Happy to see him with personality with not too much time on the field but overall happy with him.”

“It was a difficult game. Obviously, to mark a player like [Luis] Suárez is very difficult and complicated, especially with the player that he is and the way he likes to move. I think as a group we did a great job defensively, with Rodri [Schlegel] and David [Brekalo]. We were really solid and compact. Obviously, we would have loved to take away a win from tonight, but we feel good overall with taking a draw.”

On starting on the back line

“I think it’s something that we always look at. In terms of [FC] Cincinnati, I don’t think it was a move that we made for solidity. It was [a change] that we had to make because of a sending off. I think Oscar [Pareja] liked what he saw. Personally, I think the team is going to be better in this formation. I think we’re stronger defensively. I think we’re having a lot more injuries. We have a lot more possession. But at the same time, it takes a lot more sacrifice. It’s Iván [Angulo] and Facu [Torres] and Nico [Lodeiro] and Martín [Ojeda] doing a lot of work in the midfield and doing a lot of sacrificing. I think this team loves to do that, to continue to fight and do the work with each other and just continue to be a family and fight and do that work.”

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