JUST IN: The Secret to Winning as the Suns Seek to Destroy…

Phoenix: The Phoenix Suns are playing a very important game tonight.

In front of a primetime national TV audience, the Suns will take on the Boston Celtics, who have so far finished the season with a 48-14 record, making them the league’s top club

Regardless of star Devin Booker’s condition, Phoenix may have an uphill struggle in this game, but it will be presumed that he will be fine to tip off here.
Three things are essential to winning tonight

Phoenix needs to strike a balance between being forceful and aggressive, since Boston has the second-stingiest defense in the NBA based on the majority of metrics.

The Celtics’ defensive strategy, which relies heavily on on-ball pressure, results in them giving up the second-worst field goal and three-point percentage in the league

Phoenix just needs to keep playing within the lines and find a way to score more points without giving Boston too many extra possessions or making too many mistakes.
Get Tatum to Produce

The consensus is that Jayson Tatum is the greatest player on a Celtics roster that is designed mostly to be a “pick your poison” group.

In the previous two months, Tatum has also had two of his worst games in the Boston Celtics’ defeats to the Denver Nuggets and Cleveland Cavaliers.
Tatum hasn’t been overly aggressive in the last two weeks, but Phoenix may benefit from forcing him to use “hero ball” strategies because he has a reputation for making on-ball scoring much harder than it has to be.
withstand the storm
There will probably be moments during the match where Boston shows off their strength and becomes the formidable team they have been for almost the whole season.
Phoenix must accept that this game will probably be back-and-forth. Boston runs at least nine players deep, makes around 42 three-pointers per game, and causes constant disruptions.

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