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As a Yankees supporter, you undoubtedly have some enjoyable experiences, even though you are more than welcome to harbor some reservations about the present squad and its recent past. The Yankees are the MLB team with the most World Series titles—27—as the team frequently loves to mention. Apart from that, there have only really been a few instances in the previous 100 years where they haven’t attempted, or at least haven’t been seen, to contend for a title


Basically, the Yankees have been successful and have remained relevant in baseball ever since Babe Ruth joined from the Red Sox. The franchise experienced more lows than highs before to him, though. They had a few near misses at capturing an AL pennant, but Ruth was the turning point. In actuality, it took some time before they ever had a day together.
The New York Yankees were formally known as the New York Highlanders in 1903, the year the franchise debuted. The team led by Clark Griffith had a solid 72-62 record that year, but that was only good enough for a fourth-place, middle-of-the-pack result.

Apart from that, they didn’t even lead the American League for a single day during their first season. The Washington Senators defeated the 1903 Highlanders 3-1 in their season opener. After winning their opening game the next day, they fluctuated in the 10-game over/under.500 mark for the remainder of the season.

The Highlanders’ Opening Day loss left them tied for fifth position, which was to be expected given the number of teams in that era. They never even spent a day in first position in the AL during their debut season, despite some early victories in May that put them as high as second place and just one game behind the leaders. Even in 1904, that remained the case

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The defending champion Boston Americans, sometimes known as the Red Sox, presented the Highlanders with a difficult opening matchup to begin the 1904 season. The Boston team had won the first-ever World Series, a best-of-nine competition, in 1903, defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates 5-3. In addition, they started their ace, a pitcher by the name of Cy Young, on Opening Day. Even though Young was 37 years old and had led the league in wins and in other categories the previous season, he was still one of the top pitchers in the game.

In the meanwhile, the Highlanders’ roster included a number of talented players for the time, including future

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