Very Sad: Ronald Acuna, Jr. has chosen not to participate in their upcoming….

Very Sad: Ronald Acuna, Jr. has chosen not to participate in their upcoming

All-Stars: Braves rewarded with strong first half

Being a fan of the Braves these days is exhilarating. For Braves fans, things are looking up with eight All-Star selections and an eight-game lead in the National League East.

Braves Guardians Baseball

The All-Star choices were a wise choice made by the baseball community. The All-Star representatives from the best team in baseball were correct, regardless matter whether you were talking about the supporters who select the starting lineup, the players themselves, or the commissioner’s office officials who select the remaining players.
There will be eight Atlanta Braves in Seattle on Tuesday when fans tune in to watch the Mid-Summer Classic. That is a new franchise record for a team that hasn’t had this much luck since the John Schuerholz-Bobby Cox era, and it’s the most by any team this year.

It makes sense that the baseball club with the most All-Stars would be the greatest one. The fans were correct. Baseball brass and players did as well. Being a Braves fan these days is enjoyable.

Clint Thompson writes columns for the Valdosta Daily Times, where he covers the Atlanta Braves.


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