NEWS NOW: New York Giants QB Coach Shea Tierney Has A Misunderstanding With New QB Drew Lock, Says He Is Not Capable Enough For…

Drew Lock was lured in by the NY Giants with the prospect of competing to be their starting quarterback.

Seattle Seahawks general manager disclosed the clever scheme of the Giants.

Drew Lock warms up before the game against the Arizona Cardinals on...

The New York Giants are fed up with losing and have ended six of the previous seven seasons with a losing record. Drew Lock was signed by the board to start the rebuilding process, but as general manager of the Seattle Seahawks John Schneider has stated, things are not always as they seem.

According to press reports, the Giants announced the six-year veteran arrival this Thursday, offering a one-year contract of $5 million. Lock appears to be Daniel Jones’ backup, however head coach Brian Daboll still supports Jones.


Jones had a knee injury in Week 8, which ended his 2023 season. Jones was replaced behind center by Tommy Devito, but the Giants finished 6-11, and both Jones and Devito’s careers were in jeopardy.

The entrance of Lock

As long as Jones’ injury permits him to return to the field, the Giants management has promised that he will start as quarterback for the team. Schneider, though, has a very different take on this.

The general manager of the Seahawks, where Lock played until the previous season, claims that the Giants persuaded the quarterback by saying he would be given the chance to compete for a spot on the starting team. Schneider told the local media, “They sold him on the opportunity to compete to be the starter.”

Lock was the Denver Broncos’ best chance to break out of mediocrity when he joined the team in 2019. He was forced to depart the team in 2022 and sign with Seattle, where he had spent the previous two seasons serving as Geno Smith’s backup.

Given this context, it is not unexpected that Lock has been drawn in by the promises made by the Giants. “He thought it was the ideal chance. He felt that this might be comparable to Baker Mayfield’s opportunity from the previous year, Schneider clarified.

Following Tom Brady’s retirement in 2023, Mayfield signed a one-year contract to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Making the most of his chance, the seven-year veteran led the Bucs to the NFC semifinals and secured a three-year, $100 million deal extension.

Lock would be hoping that this Giants opportunity will let him to follow in Mayfield’s footsteps. The future of the Missouri graduate is less clear, though, as the Giants, who have a quarterback-heavy class and the sixth pick in the 2024 Draft, may choose to add some fresh talent to the quarterbacks’ room in addition to Jones’s impending return.

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