News Now: ”I Couldn’t Take It Anymore”,San Francisco 49ers QB Joshua Dobbs States Reason For Leaving The Club.

Joshua Dobbs, the new quarterback for the 49ers, visits Cleveland again to witness a solar eclipse.

The astronaut returned to Cleveland to enjoy the historic viewing party on Monday as the country watched the solar eclipse.

Why Joshua Dobbs is a Good Fit on the 49ers

Joshua Dobbs spent two seasons with the Cleveland Browns before joining the San Francisco 49ers this summer. Thus, the 29-year-old quarterback discovered that he was just as thrilled about the Niners’ future as he was about the chance to see history firsthand at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.

“It’s an exciting time, obviously I spent a couple of years here in Cleveland, got a chance to have some fun over at NASA,” Glenn remarked on Monday on NASA’s live webcast. Glenn when I was here, so it’s nice to come back and see the eclipse While I’m in Cleveland, I’m excited for what lies ahead in San Francisco. We’ll be able to keep an eye on it as well since I know NASA is working hard on the West Coast.”

Dobbs, a University of Tennessee alumnus, founded The ASTROordinary Dobbs Foundation and holds a degree in aeronautical engineering. That’s why his Passtronaut moniker gained popularity when he prompted a stretch of inspired play for the Minnesota Vikings during the previous season.

Dobbs has played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Browns, Tennessee Titans, Arizona Cardinals, and Vikings before joining the Niners.

Every one to three years, complete solar eclipses occur, although most of them occur over the Pacific Ocean or in Antarctica, regions where humans cannot view them. This information is reported by The Associated Press. The next complete solar eclipse is scheduled to traverse Iceland, Spain, and Greenland in 2026. But the first one that North America will be able to see is in Alaska in 2033. Consequently, A unique occasion occurred on Monday, one that was noted on the calendar throughout Dobbs’ Browns tenure.

“You know when this event was put on my radar about a year ago in last offseason, they were like ‘Hey, the eclipse is coming straight through Cleveland, we’d love to have you here, it’s going to be a once-in-a-lifetime event.'” Dobbs said. “To be able to experience it, especially here on the beautiful Great Lakes and obviously had some great weather today, so I marked on my calendar a year ago, and to make it back here and take it in and get a chance to hang out with the city I spent two years in, it’s been great. I think the biggest thing that I’ve enjoyed is just seeing the interest from the city of Cleveland and how many people traveled here to take in the event today. And to be able to then also go learn about the future of NASA and the future of space exploration as well at the same time, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take it in, and it’s been an honor to be here.”

In reality, Dobbs never participated in a Browns regular season contest. Prior to making his first NFL start for the Titans that season, he was released in November after being signed during the 2022 offseason. In 2023, he rejoined the Browns, but the Cardinals acquired him. Dobbs was traded to the Vikings again in the 2023 season. A few days after his acquisition, in Week 9, he surprised everyone by coming off the bench to help Minnesota defeat the Atlanta Falcons.

In a subsequent victory over the New Orleans Saints, he performed admirably once more, and the Passtronaut’s extraordinary reputation had taken off.

He thinks that Mondays and other such days will inspire future engineers and quarterbacks, even if he’s probably had some influence on some of them scientists both local and distant.

“There’s a wealth of youth walking around here, and taking in not only the blowups and displays outside, but also the Great Lakes Science Center inside, and just seeing the history of the space program,” Dobbs stated. “That, in my opinion, offers people perspective, so that’s how I’ve approached it, exactly like NASA. The younger generation, in my opinion, is unquestionably the future generation, and they will greatly influence the globe. And being able to show the young people here and throughout the nation that you don’t have to divide your eggs if you’re interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and you’re also a really strong athlete. You can go out and throw all of your eggs into one basket both baskets and work hard to achieve those goals and dreams.”


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